-DHS Supervisor Timothy Borden to my mother

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Second, please copy the letter below and paste it into an email to Congressional DHS Oversight, Investigations, and Management Subcommittee Chairman Michael McCaul, with a carbon copy to DHS Representative Peter King and Committee Assistant Nick Palarino, and a blind carbon copy to shutyourmouthwhore@gmail.com

To: Mccaul.casework@mail.house.gov  (Congressional Chairman Michael McCaul)
Cc: Pete.King@mail.house.gov (Congressional Representative Peter King)
       Nick.Palarino@mail.house.gov (Committee Assistant Nick Palarino)

Bcc: shutyourmouthwhore@gmail.com (Me)


Chairman McCaul,
Please immediately investigate DHS management failures to follow Federal anti-discrimination law and DHS mandated policies and procedures that protect DHS employees such as the one I am inquiring about listed on the website http://www.SHUTyourMOUTHwhore.com
Your committee is responsible with assuring law-abiding DHS oversight, investigations and management and as of now your committee has not done anything to enforce and protect federal employees' physical safety from intimidation and harassment by 1st line and 2nd line supervisors and managers respectively. The more an affected employee attempts to get protection support from OIG, Joint Intake Center and EEO against these vile individuals, the more apparent it becomes that their pleas for help fall on deaf ears. This total disregard for employee protection occurs not only at entry level calls for help, but also as the calls are elevated up the organizational chart. It is truly disgusting and sad that agencies' espouse employee protection and "zero tolerance" on their websites for potential employment candidates and the public to see, but the true reality is that the agencies' good ‘ol boy network managers do anything they wish to the detriment of the employee and not an eyebrow is raised or a second thought given to the safety and well-being of the federal employee. The government bureaucracy is a stacked deck against these employees who cry out for help and it is a house of cards waiting to fall.  $62 Million taxpayers’ money was paid to EEOC discrimination cases in FY 2012 alone. This $62 Million does not include the millions of dollars spent paying for DHS attorneys, EEOC Administrative Judges salaries, their staff, processing, and all associated overhead i.e. clerical supplies, postage, etc…

When are you and your committee going to act and hold these persons and organizations accountable and spend taxpayers’ money efficiently while instilling any sense of integrity within these Agencies?
I await your response.
Thank you,

Concerned Citizen
Cc:       Peter King
            Nick Palarino