-DHS Supervisor Timothy Borden to my mother

I am a student; Instead of enjoying my summer doing what kids do, I'm building this website in an attempt to get justice for my Mom. I’m forced to do this because the United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) have failed miserably in protecting my Mom from discrimination, intimidation, continued harassment, undue scrutiny, and denied equal employment opportunity by her superiors in her position as a U.S. DHS sworn officer.


  I hope you will help us in our endeavors by sharing our story.


On March 15, 2010 a new supervisor arrived at my mom’s duty station. On March 30, 2010, in the first working interaction with my mom, the supervisor said “Shut your mouth, whore, when men are speaking,” and his derogatory words and harassing behavior continued from there. DHS managers several layers deep, as well as the EEOC have failed to follow U.S. anti-discriminatory laws, DHS/ EEOC policies and procedures that would have protected my Mom from further harassment. Both DHS and the EEOC continue to cover up their transgressions.


(Here is a good time to note that most U.S. EEOC administrative judges were prior DHS attorneys before being appointed as judges. These judges are paid by the U.S. Government, the very government that is supposed to uphold the law.)


The DHS continues to deny my Mom a hostile-free work environment, forcing her to report to the harassing supervisor, and DHS managers continue to deny her equal employment opportunity. Some of these details will be listed later within this website. These managers bombard my mother with so much hostility, and on such a frequent basis, that it is impossible to list it all here.

The managers and judges involved need to be held accountable for failing to enforce federal laws, policies, and procedures that would protect my mom and employees like her who are forced to stand up for their basic civil rights, tolerate the harassment, or quit to be free of a hostile work environment.



In addition to denying her a hostile-free work environment, DHS and the EEOC continue to deny that my mother has even been discriminated against or harassed at all. DHS management continues to force my Mom to report to the very supervisor who began this discriminatory behavior while she continues through “the EEOC process.”


This hostility has been going on for over three years.


While most people would not call Internal Affairs to investigate their workforce, my mom was desperate and specifically requested November 9, 2010 IA intervention to get the work place hostility she was enduring to end. IA came to interview employees in December 2010 and January 2011. The agency did not request intervention. Nobody is this agency was concerned enough about the situations that were occurring to call IA. These interviews ultimately only occurred because my mom cried out for help.